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18 February, 2006

A Saturday S&G

A Mosque in Pakistan has offered a $25,000 reward. A group of jewelers have offered $1,000,000. This is for the death of any of the Danish cartoonists - but apparently not the Muslim cartoonists who drew the really inflammatory pictures of the Prophet. Funny about that. Can you imagine what could be done for the people in Pakistan and other Muslim states with that money instead of giving it to murderers?

Once again I find myself on the side of the Democrats. This port security contract to a company from the United Arab Emirates is downright scary. Yes, that country is our friend - today. Does anyone out there remember how Iran was our friend, right up to November 1979?

I couldn't watch that video of a kid getting an ass whoopin' in Pensacola, FL. Every time I see or hear about videos of cops doing this it makes me cringe. As an ex-cop, I know that it only takes one cop out of 100,000 to smear every one of them.

For once fire fighters are entering the realm of scumbags. According to this story, a group of fire fighters showed up at some poor schmuck's house where his garage was on fire - and they stood and watched, not lifting a finger to help. Their excuse? He hadn't paid up his membership in the local fire district, and if they let him get away with that, everyone would stop paying. That's a protection racket that would make the Bonano and Gambino families blush.


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