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15 February, 2006

A "Kill All The Lawyers" S&G

Gene Robinson, the homosexual who put his ambition to be an Episcopalian bishop above all and caused the greatest schism in religion since Henry VIII told the Pope to piss off, has checked himself in to be treated for alcoholism. I'm just guessing here, but he might use this as proof that he should be the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The media has jumped all over their panty wad du jour, haven't they? This shooting of a lawyer by Cheney (no offense at the best of times) instantly became a media story about - the media. Why weren't those vultures notified immediately? After all, the press is the most important branch of the government, right?

Yesterday, Dick Whittington (and his cat) had a minor heart attack, and once again the media went into a feeding frenzy about why the Veep didn't immediately inform them. Just curious here - isn't there a law or something about releasing medical information about a third party without their permission?

Following on from this, Harry Reid jumped to the microphones accusing the Bush administration of being the most secretive in U.S. history. Let's see now, that makes this administration the most secretive, corrupt and inept - something doesn't look quite right there.

There are times when the Dems can't help themselves. A former Marine and combat vet, Paul Hackett was running for the Senate in Ohio on a platform of "I Hate Bush and I Hate the War" with the blessing and financial backing of Harry Reid and Chuckie Schumer. That is, right up to the point where it looked like he might win. That's when those two sugar daddies pulled the plug on him. Whether it was their ingrained hatred of all things military or just their overweening desire to commit political suicide, the Dems keep providing some of the best comedy in town.

And the Dems have also been having a field day in those hearings about the Katrina response, haven't they? Call me cynical and contrary, but where were they when the problems were taking place in New Orleans and elsewhere? Or, as Harry Reid said about his bankrolling by Jack Abramoff, was this just a Republican disaster?


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