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05 February, 2006

True Confessions

Ya know, I was born a Chicago Bears fan, and I now live in Carolina Panther territory, but ever since the late 70's I've had a soft spot for the Pittsburgh Steelers. It wasn't the 'Steel Curtain" defense with Joe Green, L.C. Greenwood and Jack Lambert. It wasn't even Terry Bradshaw, Franco Harris, Swann and Stallworth. It was because they gave a guy a chance.

Rocky Bleier was the 'other' running back for the Steelers - the one most often forgotten. Most people never knew that Bleier was playing with half a foot blasted off by a mine in Vietnam, where he served in the Marine Corps. That Marine Corps training, desire and commitment to the mission was a lot of what got Rocky Bleier in physical and mental condition to play football at the highest level.

But it was the Rooney family and the management of the Pittsburgh Steelers who took a chance and gave him the opportunity to prove to everyone he had what was needed to play the game. And it was Bleier who recovered an on-sides kick to win one Super Bowl and who scored the winning touchdown in another.

For the class that franchise has shown over the years, and the way the team has performed in 2005, I gotta say ... ...

Go Steelers!


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