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26 February, 2006

The Violence Continues

There was more sectarian violence yesterday - in Ireland. A group of Protestants were to march through Dublin, until the resident Catholic population rioted, putting 14 people in hospitals. The march never took place.

In another fine example of Stupidity on Parade, a bunch of Neo-Nazi thugs decided to march in a Black neighborhood of Orlando, FL. No, Mickey didn't lead this one.

Meanwhile in Iraq, the Shia and Sunni are still trying to blow each other up. Wouldn't it be nice if the religious leaders there could get together, rub their ten total working brain cells against each other, and decide to join forces against the terrorist asswipes who started all this?

Ever since Bush allowed Chuckie Schumer and Madame "We Are The President" Clinton to lash out with fear and hate over the port deal with the UAE, more and more info has come out. It now looks like the biggest change in the operations of these ports will be the letterhead on the company stationery. Even the security scare has been bogus - the company will be privy to that part of the security details they need to adhere to. No new flow of Arabs into the country - the existing management teams will be staying in charge. In fact, it looks like nothing changes but the paint job on the equipment.

Those politically correct, open and caring Dems - gotta love 'em.

Oh, and by the way - is anyone else out there sick of hearing, "Oh, but two of the 9-11 terrorists came from there!"?? Did you know that the population of the UAE is over 2.5 million? Can you think of any group of people that size that doesn't have at least two homicidal murderers in it?


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