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27 February, 2006

Dems and National Security

Let's review:

The Democrats and their fellow travellers try to destroy our National Security by leaking our program for intercepting Al Qaeda calls to and from our country, then wrapping themselves in a cloak of "civil liberties" righteousness.

The Democrats and their fellow travellers try to destroy our National Security by trying to kill the Homeland Security act - with Sen. Harry Reid even bragging about it - in the name of "civil liberties" righteousness.

A highly qualified company from one of our most cooperative allies wins the bid to take over management of some of our ports, goes through the normal vetting process that all companies have to go through for such a transaction, and the Democrats and their fellow travellers latch on to the word "Arab" and sow anti-Arab hate and fear, trying to claim National Security high ground.

And to think that I almost bought into it. I'm damned near ashamed of myself.


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