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03 February, 2006

S&G - An Attitude Problem

Well, the bomb throwing muthaf'kers have really got their nuts in a knot over cartoons originally published by a Danish newspaper. These cartoons have now been published in France and Germany. The publisher of the French paper, in a stunning display of freedom, has fired the editor. What balls he has! The bomb throwers are threatening to kidnap and murder Europeans in Paleostein who have abso-f'kin-loutely nothing to do with the cartoons simply because they're European. Just lovely.

In an interesting juxtaposition, Tom Toles drew a cartoon showing a serviceman with a head wound and all four limbs either amputated or blown off. "Dr Rumsfield" is telling him that his condition is "battle hardened". Toles then wants people to believe that he meant no disrespect to our military with that cartoon. Right. Let's get Toles out of his comfy little office and over to Iraq and see how our servicemen react to him. At least the only reaction to Tool's cartoon here was a letter from the JCS to the Washington Post. I have a clue for the Post - Freedom of the Press does not mean that you have to publish everything that comes your way. Got it?

The Winston Salem Urinal, in it's article about the Intel Committee, somehow missed the part about how the New York Times and others have caused irrepairable damage to our nation and its intel gathering abilities. It also missed the part about how we already know who leaked the intel to the Times, preferring instead to blame the leak on "someone in the Administration".

And in one of this Nation's greatest jerk offs, the groundhog supposedly saw it's shadow yesterday, causing six more weeks of Winter. The first day of Spring is around the 21st of March, right? Groundhog Day is February 2nd, right? Six more weeks of Winter? Can anyone out there count the weeks between these two dates? How f'kin stupid is this?

And people wonder why I have an attitude problem.


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