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02 February, 2006


That rock star talking head reporter and his roadie cameraman are back in the U.S. getting care for the wounds they received in Iraq. And just where are they hospitalized? Why, at Bethesda Naval Hospital, of course. Can anyone explain to me why these two are being treated in a military establishment? I mean, we all know now how much more important reporters are than the troops, but why are they taking up beds meant for out injured military?

It was good to see the president push for the use of biofuels and ethanol in his speech, but I can forsee a problem with getting those fuels to market. Are the oil companies, who own most of the gas stations around the country, going to cut into their profits by putting pumps for this on their premises? Unless they're forced to do so, I can't see it happening in a hurry.

Wasn't it just precious to see the Dems giving a self-congratulating standing ovation over their use of lies and deceit to kill any chance of helping Social Security? They never even bothered to try to come up with a compromise.

And Howie Dean stopped off in Durham the other day to give a pep talk to the true believers. Now, despite going for Bush in the last election, North Carolina is really a Red State - our governor and state legislature are all Dems. Funny thing was, when Dean was giving his little scream here, the Dem office holders stayed away in droves. I think that says more about how the average party pols view Dean than any speech ever could.

And after years of groups like NOW blaming shooting sprees on testosterone, it was good to see some gender equity when that woman went "postal" this week. I wonder what excuse they'll come up with for this - or will they do their usual trick of just ignoring anything that doesn't conform to their world view.


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