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23 January, 2006

S&G - And Indigo's Back

Firstly, Indigo put a post up overnight. If not for her, this blog would not exist. Period.

Now for the fun & games.

Apparently there's been a new study released showing that boys in school are failing at a higher rate than girls. Well, no duh! Do ya think it might have something to do with boys being so drugged up for the heinous offense of being boys that they now have the attention span of a cocker spaniel puppy?

Ford Motors is expected to make an announcement today about plant closing and layoffs. I guess the way to make money these days is to close the plants that make your product and fire the workers who make them. Any bets on how many of these plants to be closed will be in Canada or Mexico?

Over the weekend, that dignified statesman Harry Belafonte was flapping his gums again. Belafonte, a noted oxygen thief and fundraiser for Hillary, is now saying that the Department of Homeland Security is the same as the Gestapo. Earth to Harry - there's just a tad difference between Gitmo and Auschwitz or Bergen Belsen.

Gas prices have started going up again, and the reason is - nothing. Yes, the situation is Iran is fluid, but there has been absolutely no threat of them shutting off their oil. Especially with the complete lack of balls being shown by the Western powers, who could all use a massive injection of Viagra.

And PARADE Magazine has issued its annual list of the world's worst dictators. Has anyone else noticed that half of the top ten (and 10 of the top 20) are Muslims? When you consider that this list is compiled annually by such groups as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and Reporters Without Borders, I'm bewildered that President Bush didn't make the cut.

Aren't You?


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