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09 January, 2006

S&G - Another Typical Week

The ever vigilant Continental Airlines saw Edward Allen coming through the security checkpoint and found his name on the "no fly" list. They pulled him out of the line and, when Mr Allen's relative's objected, threatened to take aggressive measures. Only problem - Mr Allen is four years old. Continental insisted they did they right thing. I think I'll drive, thanks.

After some of Iran's soldiers were kidnapped by Talibani, President Ramalamadingdong of Iran said it was all America's doing. Who knew we were working with the Taliban?. You'll remember that President Dingdong joined with Pat Robertson in wishing Ariel Sharon a speedy recovery.

John Murtha, who hasn't said anything remotely approaching truth yet, got the attention of General Peter Pace when he basically told American youth to run from military recruiting offices. The next time this dickwad gets near a microphone can someone please slip him some alum?

The scaremongers are hitting overdrive after some kids in Turkey, after using some dead birds as Barbie dolls, died of bird flu. I can't say this enough - don't fondle your chicken, ok?

Jack Abramoff has started singing, causing great joy among America's charities. Members of Congress are scattering donations like confetti, trying to divest themselves of Jack's 'donations'. Among the notable exceptions to this is Harry Reid, who has decided to keep his bribe of $60,000 or so because this is just a Republican scandal. This from the guy who gloated over having killed the Patriot Act. I have to wonder what an MRI of his head looks like - it can't be pretty.

Harry Belafonte, with his buddy Danny Glover, spent the weekend examining Hugo Chavez's large intestine. The money quote of his visit was, "No matter what the greatest tyrant in the world, the greatest terrorist in the world, George W. Bush says, we're here to tell you: Not hundreds, not thousands, but millions of the American people ... support your revolution". What was left unsaid was that those millions are the rat populations of New York and Chicago. Belafonte, a UN Goodwill Ambassador, must now be a lock for the next Nobel Peace Prize, right?


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