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09 January, 2006

Propaganda for the Kiddies

Senator Edward Kennedy (Communist, MA) is going to write a children's book. I shit you not.

He's going to title it "My Senator and Me: A Dog's-Eye View of Washington, D.C.", and he claims it will tell the story of one day in the senate through the eyes of his dog. Now, you know that he's not going to be the one writing it - he'll just put his name on some other schmuck's ghost writing - but is this something you want your kids reading?

You'll end up spending days trying to explain to the impressionable little tykes that Teddy Kennedy is a lying sack of shit, and about the only part of the book they can actually believe is that the United States does, in fact, have a Senate. I guess he thinks that if it worked for Millie it can work for him.


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