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11 January, 2006

S&G - A Short, Sharp Shower of Sh...

There's been a new standard set for Dickwadism that may never be beaten. Of course, I'm referring to that "judge" in Vermont - the state that proudly claims Howie Dean as their favorite son - who has decided he doesn't believe in inflicting jail time on criminals. He now believes this so fervently that he gave a self-confessed multiple rapist of a seven year old girl 60 days in jail. The next time you go to work, try saying that you don't believe in the company's direction anymore, so you're not going to do any more work. We can only hope that said rapist will be in the general prison population.

Speaking of dickwads, if someone can pry Chuckie Schumer away from his cutsie 'gotcha' questions of Alito, can we give him a civics lesson? When some disgruntled ex-employee of the NSA releases highly classified information to the House or Senate intel committee, he's a whistle blower. When he releases it to a reporter of the Traitor Times, he is not just a 'leak' - he is something worse than a spy. I have absolutely no idea why Russel Tice, who has bragged that he's the source of the 'leak', is still free to go on talk shows.

And now, since reality slapped Tom DeLay around and he finally gave up hope of getting his old job back, we're down to two aspirants for House Majority Leader. Both Roy Blunt and John Boehner are trying to lock up votes, but we've missed out on the most qualified candidate. CA Rep Jerry Lewis, who stepped down from the race, would have been a natural. I'm specifically thinking of the Jerry Lewis of the movie "The Errand Boy".

There's been some double-clutching and back-filling this week over Harry Belafonte. Both UNICEF and AARP, who have lauded Belafonte in the past for saying pretty much the same thing he said last weekend, are trying to disassociate themselves from his Venezuela trip. Sorry, folks - you picked him, he's representing you all the time, not just when you pick and choose.


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At 2:43 PM, Blogger soma taha said...

I like it when people come together and share ideas.


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