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27 January, 2006

S&G - Viva Zapata!!

It's been a pretty bad week for Mexico, hasn't it?

First their soldiers are caught trying to smuggle drugs into the U.S. Vincente Fox said, "Who, us?" but armed Hunvees are kind of hard to come by south of the border.

Vinnie's next bright idea, following on from last year comic books showing how to cross the border and get Government bennies, was to print maps showing the best places to cross into the US. so they could avoid the Border Patrol. That idea got shelved - the Mexicans claim they're afraid of the Minuremen, but Homeland Insecurity had a whisper in their ear as well.

Now another drug smuggling tunnel has been found. This one runs for over half a mile, is concrete lined and is wired up with electric lighting. The start of the tunnel? Tijuana airport, which is controlled by the Mexican government. Go ahead - convince me that all that digging, concrete mixing and pouring and wiring went on and Vinnie's boys didn't know about it.

That's not a bad trifecta, is it? I have to wonder what the outcome would be of Fox spent as much time and money actually trying to help his people.

God bless John Kerry and Teddy Kennedy. They are trying desperately to get their fellow Dems to filibuster the Alito confirmation, and so far are being roundly ignored. It's pretty sad when these guiding lights of the Left can't raise a yawn from their own party.

Cindy Sheehan showed up at a Hugo Chavez rally. Does anyone care?

And the Paleostinians, who never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity, have now elected Hamas to guide them to the Promised Land. When your two-party system consists of Hamas or Fatah it doesn't make much difference, but I can't see the money flowing into their coffers at the old rate. Just because Hamas is a terrorist organization who vow the destruction of Israel, and have zero administrative experience is no reason they can't bring peace to the region, right?


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