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05 January, 2006

S&G - Hooray for Hollywood

Hopalong Cassidy, Roy Rogers and John Wayne are rotating in their graves at a great rate over Hollywood's attempt to show how mainstream they are - do they really think a movie about gay cowboys is gonna fly in Flyover Country?

They've also been busy with their tales about terrorists. First George Clooney shows what a caring individual and all-around good guy Saddam is, then Speilberg and others make movies about what loving family people terrorists are when they're not out slaughtering atheletes, women and children. Those horrible Israelis should be ashamed of themselves, hunting down those nice guys.

And a last note - after the tragic accident yesterday that left two Marines dead and two others injured while towing a vehicle on the freeway, I've heard a rumor that John Murtha has demanded that we get all our troops out of California.


At 9:03 PM, Anonymous Chad said...

Remember, they aren't gay cowboys... they're gay sheepherders!

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