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10 April, 2006

More Fun & Games

I've been sitting flipping around the news channels and just about alll I see are illegal Mexican demonstrations around the country. They finally got the bright idea that waving the Mexican flag wasn't helping them, but the signs I'm seeing aren't much better. "Give us the opportunity ..." "We demand respect ..." I have to wonder if any of thise f'kwits ever heard of the word (or concept) earn?

Speaking of those news channels, you always hear them bitch about how they have problems filling up those 24 hour time periods. But when they get an issue, they let it drive everything else off the airways. Whatever happened to:
+ The sale of port management?
+ The Talibani at Yale?
+ Russ Feingold's censure motion?
+ Russell Tice - the guy who leaked the NSA wiretaps to the New York

Short attention span theater.


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