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10 April, 2006

S&G In English

Mexicans don't have to obey any laws. That was pretty much the message from all those demonstrations, wasn't it? Just out of curiosity, since Mexico has agriculture, gold and other minerals, and oil out the ass, how come Vincente can't keep his folks home instead of them bitching about their terrible conditions in our crops?

3 Blacks and 1 Hispanic shout "Get Whitey" and proceed to chase this guy into traffic where he's run over and killed. This, of course, is not a hate crime. Hate crime can only consist of white on some other race, right?

The definition of a "leak" is the unauthorized release of info. If the president authorizes the release, how is this a leak? Harry Reid will bald faced lie about anything.

Some thoughts on that Duke rape case. Every member of that team has had their reputation destroyed, their season has been cancelled, and I would imagine that there is the possibility of some losing scholarships. Don't you think that, if something happened, someone would have come forward by now? Even the sole black player has kept silent. Maybe - just maybe - this could mean that there's nothing incriminating to be said?


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