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19 April, 2006

The Rest Of The Story

Lilred4x4 left a comment here that really needs some explanation.

Back when we lived in Australia we owned a Newfoundland, Custer. Almost totally pitch black, this boy weighed nearly 170 pounds but could move like lightning, as a friend found to his cost.

One evening we had some friends over and one of them, Dave - who might have weighed 140 pounds soaking wet - was in the yard playing with the dog. On his way back inside Dave decided to forgo the steps leading to the door and stepped up on the porch in an area where the rise was about 18 inches.

Just as Dave was transferring his weight, said dog came up from behind and with one swipe of the paw dropped Dave and proceeded to mount him. As Custer's tongue lolled and his eyes rolled back Dave started screaming, "Get him off me!!" Unfortunate, Dave was on his own as we were laughing so hard we were incapacitated.

I don't think he ever quite forgave any of us for that, but Custer fell in love.


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