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26 April, 2006

An Overdue S&G

Even though there's been a lot going on in the world, to tell the truth I just haven't been in the mood to do any writing. I figured it's time I forced one out just to let folks know I'm still breathing.

Let's see - over the last three trading days, the price of oil has dropped each day. The price at the pump, of course, has gone up. It's good to see the companies aren't taking advantage of the situation. When President Bush said we're addicted to oil, he was only partially right - the House and the Senate are addicted to oil taxes, and if you think there's any chance of those coming down, keep dreaming.

The longshoremen's union is an unhappy lot. This new "tamper proof" ID card that Homeland Security wants to issue will thin out their ranks - all the illegals and felons will be sorted out and the poor longshoremen say that there won't be enough people to do the job. I guess they never heard of "hiring".

Speaking of illegals, this May Day demonstration that they've planned looks to have started unraveling. Many of those they thought would be out there with them have decided that keeping their job and feeding their family might be more in their immediate interests. Now those in Mexico are trying to get into the act with a "No Gringo Day" where those in Mexico are supposed to boycott American owned corporations and jobs. The problem is that they can't figure out what's American owned - Sears in Mexico is owned by a Mexican. I can see a solution for this - if they want to boycott these jobs and businesses, the companies can always move to one of the other South or Central American nations who've joined in a trade agreement. Then the Mexicans won't have to worry about those nasty Gringos.

And on our northern border, our government is trying to put in place a system where you'll need a passport, a birth certificate and a note from your mother to cross the border. Don't you find it strange they can implement that to the north but can't do anything about the southern border?