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18 April, 2006

The Great Dictator

If they ever decide to re-make this Charlie Chaplin classic, maybe they could get someone like Danny Glover to play the starring role. My favorite dictator, Robert Mugabe, is at it again.

It was 26 years ago today that Salisbury, Rhodesia became Harare, Zimbabwe. To mark this august occasion Mugabe planned on celebrating by giving a speech and having lavish celebrations all over the country. I can only imagine the millions being spent on this.

Meanwhile, unemployment is over 70% and inflation is rapidly approaching 1000%. Homelessness, disease, hunger and severe economic hardship are what the majority have to look forward to every day. Mugabe had thousands of homes and businesses destroyed over the past couple of years because he deemed them to be eyesores.

As little as six years ago or so, Zimbabwe was the breadbasket of Africa, exporting food to most of the southern half of the continent. Then he had another bright idea - all them white folks shouldn't be running those farms - even though they had owned and operated them for decades. No, Mugabe decided that all those arable lands should be farmed by blacks - specifically blacks who were his asshole buddies. The white farmers were removed, often by murdering them. The blacks showed they had no idea about farming and had no interest in learning.

About a year ago, Mugabe decided to ask those white farmers (at least the ones still sucking oxygen) if they'd mind coming back. I believe the unanimous reply was, "Piss Off".

Ya just got to love a guy who can take a happy, prosperous nation and deliberately turn it into a sewer.


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