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06 April, 2006

Jose, Can You See?

Don't you just love the schools around the country who have decided that the flying of an American flag - or the wearing of red, white and blue by students - is now banned because it might remind people that they're inside the borders of the United States?

Now we have the Senate playing Kumbaya by coming up with a plan to allow illegals to become citizens or get Green Cards. How they plan on coming up with verifiable ways of proving length of residence is beyond me.

What all these people seems to be missing is that these illegals don't want to become citizens or get Green Cards. It isn't the flag that sets off those school kids. It's the very fact of our existence as a nation. They want Aztlan - for starters. They want the Gadsen Purchase ripped up and as time goes by it's becoming clear they won't necessarily restrict themselves to peaceful protests either.

I know that the schools, in the tradition of Kos and MoveOn, are trying to teach our children to be ashamed of our country, and many of the Dems are right in there with them, but what the hell are the Republicans in the Senate thinking? I fought for this country many, many years ago, and I'll be damned if I'll stand idly by while this progresses.


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