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04 April, 2006

An Itty-Bitty S&G

Tomorrow's all fun and games - the VA medical center, picking up a shoe that's been modified to take my leg brace and taking the Devil Dog to the vet. Since all that's going on I figured I'd get something out today.

Tom DeLay stepping down doesn't surprise me. Regardless of the validity of any charges against him, with his staff falling like flies the Dems would shred him in an election campaign. We have our own version here in N.C. - Jim Black in the state house is in crap up to his ears, but since he's a Democrat he's still in.

I've been waiting to hear what's going to happen to that racist on Capitol Hill. I don't know what the hold-up is, since there's witnesses out the ass and video from enough angles that it reminds me of "Alice's Restaurant". Of course, you know who the racist is that I'm referring to - and it sure ain't that cop!

And once again, the French are fighting the French - and both sides are losing.

Also - I know you haven't heard about it in the MSM, but that Hispanic radio dude who got those California protests started in the first place? Turns out he's another Aztlan f'kwit who wants the land turned back over to the original inhabitants. I don't think he means the Sloths and Sabertooths. He wants it all Mexico - I wonder what the Pima Indians and the Apache think about that. They were the inhabitants, wern't they?


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