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02 April, 2006

Peach Tree Pride

Picture yourself as a security guard. If you make more than minimum wage you’re doing good. You work in a government building lobby, performing security checks on everyone who enters. But there’s a problem.

At least 635 people are allowed to bypass the security – 535 Reps and 100 Senators. Every two years, all of the 535 and 1/3 of the Senators are up for reelection so there’s a real possibility of faces changing constantly. In order to identify those who can bypass you, they are each issued special pins which they are required to wear.

Now, while you’re minding your own business and doing your job, someone with no I.D. walks past you and tries to bypass the security. You call on that person to stop, and when they don’t you grab their arm to detain them.

It turns out that this person is Georgia Rep Cynthia McKinney, who has a history of doing exactly this – going around the security without I.D. When you stopped her she turned around and, with her cell phone in her fist, punches you.

When you stopped her, you couldn’t give a damn if she was female, Black or “Progressive” – all you worried about was maintaining security. But now you are being accused of bigotry because McKinney is all three of the above, and your job, shitty as it is, is on the line.

McKinney holds a press conference basically blaming you, and who does she drag along to this event? Harry Belafonte and Danny Glover.

Those folks back in Georgia must be proud.


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