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23 April, 2006

This'll Change Your Climate

I've been listening to the Gloom & Doom crowd on the left lately. And just what is it that has their nuts in a knot? Nukes? Naw, that was for the 70's. What has John "The Sky Is Falling" Kerry all bent out of shape is Global Cooling, er, Global Warming, er - aw, screw it - Climate Change!!

Now, by what I've seen the climate on this rock has never stayed static. It's called cycles and it's been going on for about five billion years. I don't think there's anything us poor humans can do that is going to change that - unless the Mullahs have a say in it.

Right now we know that nukes exist in the U.S., Great Britain, France, North Korea, Pakistan, India, China, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and who knows how many of the "want to buy a vowelistans". The ones in the U.S. and England don't bother me because these countries have some kind of ethical standards. The others?

Once Iran gets a bomb with any kind of yield, how long do you think it'll take before Tel Aviv disappears? You know they won't hit Jerusalem - not with the Dome of the Rock on Temple Mount.

Another dimension to the fun & games that can happen if Iran gets a nuke, wouldn't you just love to see Hezbollah or al Qaeda - Iran's biggest buddies - get access to one? As far as that goes, as much as I loved Pakistan, I wouldn't trust the government any farther than I can spit a rat. How long before one of the Paki scientists start cozying up to bin Laden? If they haven't already?

Lefties keep talking about "Radical Islam" as if they're some kind of abomination, but keep in mind, Mohammed was the original "Radical", declaring war on all "non-believers" and putting all who didn't submit to him to the sword. The only difference I see now is that the sword has a much bigger bite. And I have absolutely no doubt that someone in the Islamic world is going to use one.


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