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29 August, 2006

The Death Of Civilization?

It was (and still is) bad enough when people drive down the highway, weaving between lanes, because they're talking on their cell phones. Now you put your life at risk every time you start your car.

The cell phones were bad enough. Then they added cameras to them so that someone can drive and take pictures of their trip at the same time. Go ahead - convince me they're paying attention to any other car on the road.

Now they can use their phones and blackberries to access the internet and bring up Windows applications. If that wasn't bad enough, you also have the blue-rinse grannies in their Mazda RX-7 who get behind the wheel and bring out their phone so they can watch Oprah while doing 30 mph on the interstate.

At least this should help cut down on greenhouse gases - the multi-car pile-ups that are going to be happening from all this might just take cars off the roads and we'll all be driving Amish wagons!


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