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05 August, 2006

If I Were A Rich Man ...

You can't help but have noticed the number of ads on TV for "Get Rich At Home" over the last year or so, but have you really looked at them?

There are others that use multiple sites, but the most obvious of these is the one with the extra-large tart with the red blouse. If you've paid attention, you'd have noticed that they've run the same ad for around 6 or 7 different web sites. When the exact same ad is using these tactics, my little internal Fraud Alarm starts ringing off the hook.

I suppose they're pulling in the suckers - like the Sokolove ads, if they didn't they'd have been off the air by now.

Now, I haven't noticed this with all of these ads, but the only one that I've seen that actually looks and sounds genuine is the one Tom Bosley shills for. My daughter, Attitude With Legs, has loked into that one and everything about it seems to be up front - costs involved, web access, inventory and all the rest.

Of course, if you really want to make money working from home, learn programming and find a company that allows you to telecommute!


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