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18 June, 2007

Evolution Hypocracy

Just about everyone with a minimal interest in science knows about Charles Darwin's trip to the Galapagos. Among other things, he discovered 13 different finches, but the only real difference between them were their beaks. He made the leap that they all evolved from a single pair of finches that has landed on the islands many thousands of years ago.

He proceeded to list each of the finches as a separate species, based solely on their beaks.

Now, here comes the part that will get me branded all sorts of bad things.

From the time of the first recognizable humanoid 3 million years ago, there have been innumerable species of humans that were dead ends. We are all now classified as the same species - and to me that's a crock of shit.

First of all, DNA has never been a criteria for determining species in the past, so it shouldn't now.

Some in the scientific community are now thinking that Neanderthals didn't so much die out but interbred with the new humans. I believe it's strictly theory at this point - no real proof to back it up.

Now let's look at today. Remember those finches? They were capable of interbreeding. Have a look at the "Human Race". We are all listed as one species, but if were were examined the same way as other animals we should be listed as a large number of separate species.

Have a look at a Scandinavian, then have a look at an Italian. As far as intelligence and capabilities there's very little difference, but living in different climates have led each to develop different skill sets.

To me, the theory that we are not only one species, but have reached the epitome of our "race" is an incredible arrogance of the worst kind.

And no, I'm not a "Skinhead" or a "White Supremicist" or any other kind of someone's better then anyone else. I just try to use my powers (such as they are) of thought and deductive reasoning. I am certainly NOT saying that anyone is better than anyone else - just different.


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