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17 March, 2006

An S&G For The Gay-Lick

All over the country there were St. Paddy's Day parades, and at just about all of them there were groups of gays and lesbians wanting to march. They didn't want to march as Irish - no, that'd be too sensible. They wanted to do the ACT-UP routine, trying to turn the occasion into a Gay Day Parade. They couldn't understand why they were turned down. Maybe next year they can join in - if they want to march as humans. Nah, that'll never happen.

Speaking of the Irish, I heard a lot about the illegal Irishmen in the country. Most of these are illegal because the State Dept. can't get it's shit together and renew visas. Yeah, we shouldn't allow any illegals, but at least they make the attempt to fit in with our society and don't demand we change everything to suit them. There's only one group I can think of that demands that.

Remember when the biggest danger of going to Denny's for dinner was food poisoning? In California that looks to be supplanted by lead poisoning for three days in a row someone has shot up one of the restaurants. IHOP is starting to look pretty good!

The abortion pill, RU-486 is doing a really good job lately, isn't it? Some of the abortions have even been in the 80th trimester!

What happens when universities rely almost solely on SAT scores for admissions and scholarships and the SAT company can't mark its own tests correctly? Thousands of high school student end up getting rejected for schools they are supremely qualified for - and in some cases not being accepted to any college. Does the SAT company make any substantial 'mea culpa' over it? You gotta be shittin' me!

And how about that guy in South Carolina who kidnapped and raped those two girls? Even though it was strongly recommended he be put into treatment after his last prison for kidnap and rape of a 12-year-old, the judge let him go. Because the prosecution couldn't prove he would rape again. Just how they were supposed to prove that isn't made clear. Maybe they should have just had him move in with the judge's kids for a couple of years and see what happened. F'kin pathetic, and two more kids had to pay for it.

One last thing - that post I put out about the drug ads on TV? Some years ago I asked my doctor what he thought about them, and he let loose with a rant that would have gotten a standing ovation from Dennis Miller and Dennis Leary!!


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