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13 March, 2006

This Is Indigo's Fault!

A little over 20 months ago, after Indigo prodding, harrasing, pushing and shoving me, I put my mind into Evil Bastard mode and kicked this pathetic offering up. The response has truly shocked me.

A few minutes ago, my visitor counter tripped the 25,000 mark. For the life of me I can't see why people keep coming back here, but I'm certainly not complaining! Over this period I've managed to to visit with Indigo, my Blogmother, on several occasions and I've "met" a tremendous group of folks. I've also run into the occasional troll, but that just adds to the spice of life.

As long as I feel like I have something to say I'll keep this going. Thank you one and all for letting me know my opinions aren't as ignorant as I sometime feel they are.


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