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06 March, 2006

And The Loser Is ... ...

Damn near all of us. It's nice to see that Hollyweird's Group Grope is over for another year. Apparently they had a wonderful time patting each other on the back for their conscious-raising movies. I say apparently because, once again, I didn't see even one second of the broadcast.

Has anyone out there thought about how almost every movie put out by Disney has made money? Or how most comedies and no-brain-required action flicks make money? Are any of you old enough to remember when it was the job of Hollywood to entertain?

Ever since they decided that it was their mission to partake in social engineering, the movies have gone right down the toilet. The last time I went to a theater was to see "Star Wars I", and I don't think I'd been out to a movie before that since "Hunt for Red October". The movies that were up for awards this year intrest me - not at all.

As long as those inflated egos and shrunken brain stems presume to tell me how to think, I'll stay at home with my money and wait for "Chicken Little" to come out on DVD.