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09 March, 2006

A Republican Win?

It was just announced that Dubai Ports World has given up any hope of managing those six U.S. ports. I guess that means they stay under British management for now, since there were no American companies willing to do the job.

The Republicans can congratulate themselves over this, but what are they going to do now? We still have China running some ports, and to me they're a bigger threat than the UAE is. We also have massive Saudi investment in the U.S. and last I heard large chunks of Hawaii belong to Japan.

Are we now going to do a third world trick and nationalize all these properties? If the UAE isn't reliable enough to take over managing ports, then the British, Chinese and others are just as suspect.

Since the management of the ports don't control what comes in, are we now going to prevent all imports from overseas? After all, that is the point where containers must be checked. Of course, if we stop imports other nations will stop receiving any of our exports. We can isolate ourselves in a nice, warm and fuzzy bubble, bring home all of our troops from around the world, close up our embassies and pretend the rest of the world doesn't exist.


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