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09 March, 2006

S&G - The Stepford Students

Yale and others are now put in a bind - accept military recruiters or accept government money. It's a shame that the case in the Supreme Court didn't mention ROTC, isn't it? I'm wondering why they keep beating up on the military instead of Bill & Hill, who were the ones who put "Don't Ask Don't Tell" in place to start with.

Between that high school in Colorado and the one in New Jersey, it's really nice to see that our schools are producing little Renfields. Whether they agree or not, the students must spout the party line if they want to get the grades and recommendations needed to get into a decent university, don't they?

And in a nice combination of the above, Yale has me curious. If I remember right, it was the Nazis who specialized in murdering Jews and homosexuals. The Taliban specialized in murdering women and homosexuals. Just how does admitting that terrorist fourth grader fit in with their equal rights program?

That asshole who drove his rental car into the students at UNC? Apparently he planned that particular stunt for over two months. Let's see - if you drive a plane into a building to kill people, it's terrorism. if you drive a car into a university quad to kill people, isn't that the same thing? After all, the only difference is in the degree.