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13 March, 2006

S&G - The Giggles Continue

After all the screaming about foreign management at our ports, the Winston Salem Urinal is just getting around to mentioning a warning that the DOJ released eight months ago - that there might be organized crime at our docks. Imagine that! What a shocker! Could someone tell them that the Mob has been there for at least six decades?

Iraq is in civil war. The war there is going terribly. Dubai was gaining sovereignty over our ports and was going to run the security. President Bush is wiretapping domestic phone calls. All of this has shown up recently in polls around the nation, and every one of them is wrong. So how did the public get these ideas? Gee - you think it might be from the media deliberately misreporting on these issues?

And in a real giggle (although it's devastating for those involved), Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe is going from strength to strength. in the last year, inflation there has hit 782%. Prior to February 2000, Zimbabwe exported food to other African nations. Then Bobby had the white farmers evicted and murdered, turning the land over to his buddies who had no idea of farming. In 2001, one U.S. dollar equaled 55 Zimbabwe ones. Now the rate is US$1 equals 99,000.

In a late addition ('cuz I fergot it first time around), don'tcha just love Russ Feingold (Stalinist Party)? Trying to get a censure motion against Bush through the Senate - Andrew Jackson is the only President to have been censured, back in 1834. Since Feingold is running for the Presidency in '08, he has to get his base energized early. That's the base that actively cheer for the terrorists and against anything that supports the United States.

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