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07 October, 2005

I've Been Slimed

It took long enough, but the f'kin spambots have finally grabbed my f'kin email address and beat the f'kin crap out of it.

If there's anyone out there who's tried to f'kin email me lately without getting a f'kin reply, this is the f'kin reason. Leave a f'kin comment to this and I'll see what I can f'kin do.

It looks like a new mail box is going to be required. Pisses me right the f'k off.

Also, I got one real email asking what S&G meant. That's Shits & Giggles - my own twisted take on the events of the day. The abbreviation is due to my Blogmother, who hates having her delicate sensibilities dragged thru the f'kin mud (not that I'd ever do that)!


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