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26 September, 2005


Cindy Sheehan, the Communist bitch who's been fronting for A.N.S.W.E.R., MoveOn.org and other shitstain groups, finally found a way to get back in the news today.

She got arrested.

After putting an article on Kos about how upset she was that the media was covering a couple of hurricanes instead of her - an article that even the Libs couldn't stomach - she went outside the fence of the White House on Pennsylvania Ave. for a sit down protest.

Now, you can protest across the street from the White House until you rot, but you can't protest where she set up shop, and she knew it.

The kicker for me was when the Park Police were carrying her away, she was laughing and joking. Of course the media had to mention that she was carrying a picture of her son. Now, she'd disowned her boy when he left for Iraq instead of letting her drive him to Canada.

If I hear one more description of her that contains the words "greiving mother", I'm gonna puke - then go for the .30 cal.


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