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28 September, 2005

Pathetic Gets Worst

First, let me say that after I first heard of this story, I went searching for other sources. Neither CNN, MSNBC or the Winston Salem Urinal carried this. I'm shocked!

It seems that yesterday Sen John McCain (RINO) broke with reality and had a sit-down meeting with Cindy Sheehan to listen to her incoherent ravings. He claims that he did this under the misapprehension that one of the fuckwits in her entourage was from his state.

After she had finished, McCain apparently said something to the effect of "What's your point?" Sheehan then found a member of the media (I'm certain that she had to look really hard, aren't you?) and called McCain "a warmonger"!!

Now, I've heard McCain called a lot of things - most of them by me - but that's one thing I never thought I'd hear anyone call a former resident of the Hanoi Hilton.

She really needs to be committed to a high-security mental health facility - one with high tensile strength rubber walls.


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