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23 September, 2005

Still Here, Still Crazy

I've been taking a couple of days to try and get my mind and body straight. Read Bernie Goldberg's "100 People Who Are Screwing Up America" - a good read, a couple of laughs, but overall one of the most depressing books I think I've ever read. I've also been doing crosswords and jigsaw puzzles - relaxing pursuits.

This afternoon I've been watching New Orleans get damp again. The Army Corps of Engineers keep referring to it as "overtop" but it sure looks to me like some fair size breaches in levees that had held through Katrina.

I've got a really good friend in Houston who recently got married - he tried to get out of town the other day and was forced to turn back due to traffic. He's young enough that he might not know "Duck & Cover", but he knows the Nuclear War Position - head between legs, kiss ass goodbye!

If you can see this, mate - I'm praying for your and Laurie!


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