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07 October, 2005

S&G - The Sky is Falling!!

Once again, the international medical fraternity is trying to extort money from the U.S. for a cure to the “Bird Flu”. It seems that they just know that this disease is going to kill millions world wide in a pandemic, because in the last couple of years over 60 have died in Asia from this. Excuse me? Over 60 have died – in a population of over two billion reasonably tightly packed people? I remain skeptical.

It seems that Stately Wayne Manor is no more. According to the AP and FoxNews, the mansion went up in flames yesterday morning while extensive renovations were taking place. Of course, last night CNN claimed that it was the building next door that went up, so make your own decision. UPDATE: CNN got it right - it was indeed the mansion next door to Stately Wayne Manor that went up in a cloud of smoke yesterday. Tell Alfred the Batcave is being evacuated!

I see that Ann Coulter has, once again, gotten downright vicious over a Supreme Court appointment. After shredding Roberts, she’s now after Miers, along with many other right-wing commentators. I’ve got an idea – what if we were to actually hear what she has to say before deciding she’s a Stalinist? Just because Bush didn’t nominate a Pat Robertson clone. Sheesh!

Apparently Ronnie Earle in Texas chucked a shit fit because one of his grand juries refused to indict DeLay. What a shame. Now, I couldn’t care less if DeLay is convicted or not, but it strikes me as slightly odd that Earle would be making a movie about this whole thing. Ulterior motive? Nah – couldn’t be.

Speaking of legal problems, Karl Rove is apparently going to testify for the fourth time before Pat Fitzgerald’s commission into the Valerie Plame outing. I never particularly cared for Rove – he always struck me as the typical behind-the-scenes sleazly machine politician – but as with DeLay, if he screwed the pooch, he gets convicted. What will be interesting will be comparing any sentence that they get meted out to the "whack on the pee-pee" Sandy Berger got.

And while I’m at it, is it just me that finds it really strange that a 55 year old man is called “Scooter”?

I also see that the IAEA and it's head, Mohammed Elbaradei were given the Nobel Peace Prize. I guess Cindy Sheehan's nomination got lost in the mail.

Finally, a Kangaroo gas station down the street from me is selling regular gas for $3.00 per gallon – about average for this area – but their diesel is going for (wait for it) - - $3.60 per!! All the other stations here are flogging their diesel for about $2.90. I’m so glad there’s no gouging going on, aren’t you?


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