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04 January, 2005

The Deed Is Done

As promised, I've gone through my blogroll and weeded out the deadwood. There were some that I was truly sorry to see go - Sailor in the Desert, Johnny Knuckles, CitySlicker and Wayne's World for a start.

One that I can't quite bring myself to drop is Mark Steyn. I keep hoping that I'll stop by there and he's be cranking the vitriol as thick as ever. I guess I'll have to decide on him sometime - maybe the end of the month.

To all those that I've dropped, if you start blogging again please let me know and I'll get you reinstated. I had you linked for a reason - I like your work!

I must admit, I have been plesantly surprised that the vast majority of my links are just as funny or nasty (or both) as ever. Please go over and visit them - I think I've been pretty discriminating in my selection on the roll, and there's something to provoke thought in each of them.


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