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04 January, 2005

This Will Probably Get Me Sued

F. Lee Bailey once said something to the effect that he doesn’t chase ambulances - he’s usually there before the ambulance is.

Now we have the latest form of ambulance chasers - James Sack o’Love (or something like that) has more phone numbers for more ways to sue than I’ve ever seen. You also have Roni Douche (or something like that) promising to screw the IRS for you. Unreal.

I’ve yet to see John Edwards have a TV ad, but I guess that’s just a matter of time.

I must have missed something - didn’t there used to be something called "ethics" in the legal profession? I know that it never got more than an occasional tug of the forelock, but this crap has gotten ridiculous. The ones I’ve mentioned are only the most blatant in their ads - there are many other lawyers out there doing the same thing.

I can’t picture myself sitting on the sofa, seeing one of those ads and thinking, "Gee - they sound respectable. I’ll call them right now". It must be working or they wouldn’t be spending the money on the ads.

I think we’ve gotten to the point where we will look back at ambulance chasing almost fondly. And that worries the shit out of me!


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