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04 January, 2005

Who's Stingy?

I was watching the news this morning when I saw that countries such as Kuwait and Saudi Arabia have only given around $10 million each. Compare the wealth of these nations to countries like Japan and the U.S. who are giving hundreds of millions.

I was doing a little research, and read a bit about zakat and sadaqat. In the Koran these are mentioned several times, but the most pertinent are Sura 9 (Repentance) v.60 and 103; Sura 22 (The Pilgrimage) v. 41; and Sura 58 (The Disputant) vs. 12-13.

While no set amounts are given, these all talk about the same thing. It is a major tenent of the faith that aid and succor are to be given to those in need. The more you have, the more you should give.

Does anyone really think that the Muslim brethern in the Middle East are doing what they should to help their needy Muslim brothers in Indonesia?

No, I don't either.

And yes, I have a Koran and I read it, along with the Holy Bible.