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03 January, 2005

Seems Like A Lifetime

It was six months ago today that I started this outlet for my spleen. Without a huge push from Indigo it never would have happened, and I can only thank her for that.

And what a six months it was! Dan Rather exploded, John Kerry imploded and Sandy Berger got caught with his pants full (what ever happened about that?). It looks more and more like many of us got sucked in by a scam run by the Swift Boat Vets and their cronies to take action against Kerry for his past.

Hurricanes slapped the entire South Eastern part of the country (only Florida got the headlines, but they wern't the only ones to suffer - just the ones to suffer the most) and my mind went MIA for the better part of a month (not that most could tell the difference).

Many of the sites I used to graze at look to have folded their tents and slipped silently into the night, but I don't have the grace or inclination to follow them. This effort was started as a mental health exercise and it will continue in that vein (mostly as an effort some days) until I finally realize that it no longer serves a purpose.

To everyone out there who has ever stopped by, I hope you've gotten a giggle or a nasty attitude out of what you've seen. I can tell you that from this end it's never been boring! Here's looking towards another six month so I can honestly use the word "anniversary"!!


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