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01 January, 2005


Welcome to the year 2005 (Jews, Muslims, Asians and any others - make your own arrangements). Another whole year for us to take through the three standard phases of Humanity:

Situation Normal, All Fucked Up,
Things Are Really Fucked Up, and
Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition (what I normally refer to as "the level playing field").

Starting us off in the right direction is the Untied Nations; throwing two concurrent hissy fits about the U.S.A. because not only do we have the audacity to not tax out subjects at 50% and give it all to them, but we are all Grinches and Scrooges because we're not giving all the relief money to them to dole out in the Asian relief zones. After all, look at the wonderful track record they have in such places as Rwanda, Ethiopia, the Sudan and who could forget their work in the Oil For Food charity?

I also heard that Martha Stewart - who interests me even less than the Peterson trial, if that were possible - is now coming out as an advocate for prison reform. She now joins Michael J. Fox, Christophen Reeve and a host of other Hollywood shining lights who couldn't give a shit about helping an altruistic cause - until it happened to them.

Apparently someone is again raising the issue of a legal drinking age of 18, using the "they can go to war" excuse. That's fine by me - I've always thought the EM Clubs and NCO Clubs on base should be able to serve anyone in uniform. Off base? Fuck'em - you want to use the excuse? Wear the uniform.

That'll clear the excess from the bile duct for the moment. And a Happy New Year to you, too.


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