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01 May, 2006

An Extended S&G

There are times when I'm kind of glad our schools are producing dummies. After all, if these Columbine wannabes over the last couple of years had any intelligence they would never have been caught before they could act.

George Clooney and the rest of the Hefty Lefties are now asking our government to sent troops to the Sudan in order to stop the "genocide" in Darfur. I'm guessing that these would be the same troops they claim we don't have. Genocide in Africa must be much more important than Saddam's genocide against the Kurds.

I cast my vote for the baseball all-star team, and discovered that the voting process must have been set up by the Democratic party. You can vote 25 times!

Today is the Communist International's International Labor Day. That's the reason the illegal Mexicans picked it. This whole issue has nothing to do with immigration - and damn little to do with illegal immigration. It has to do with Mexicans wanting to take over our nation. Have you heard from any other nationalities here, legally or not? Do you think those screaming for "immigrant's rights" give two shits about Europeans or Asians who came here illegally or overstayed their visas? Oh - right - they don't demand everything be given to them.

And don't you just f'kin love the argument some of these Mexican assholes are making - that the Pilgrims didn't have visas? For a start, there were no such things as visas in the early 17th century. Secondly, there was no United States, with established regulations and requirements for entering and staying in this country.

To me, what most of this is about is the Reconquistas who want California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas to become part of Mexico. As far as I'm concerned they can have California, but all American teachers, doctors and nurses, and all government administrators at every level should close up their places of work and leave. And take every book, record and piece of equipment with them. They can have Mexican schools, Mexican health care and Mexican corrupt governments.