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10 December, 2005

More Journalistic Integrity

Someone at the Washington Post, relying on the fact that they won't have to reveal their "source", seems to have created and published the rumor that the U.S. has "secret CIA torture prisons" around the world. With absolutely zero fact checking, the rest of the MSM jumps on the bandwagon publishing said rumor as fact, causing the rest of the world to believe this is happening and demanding that our government prove a negative - that such places don't exist.

Fast forward to late this week. Someone (most likely within the Democratic party) starts a rumor that Lieberman is going to replace Rumsfield as SecDef. Lieberman, who has actually been to Iraq on several occasions, has had the temerity to say that our overall strategy there is actually working and that, despite what Kerry says, our troops are not terrorists.

While the Murtha/Pelosi/Kerry/Dean wing of the party want us out NOW, the rest of the Dems in congress are all over the map in what they think of the situation. Pelosi then gets up and says that this is a good thing - their party is diverse. What it actually means is that you can see a party so completely divided that they would have problems winning another election without the aid and succor of their friends in MSM.

Does anyone remember the Monty Python "argument" sketch, where it's the automatic gainsaying of whatever the other persons position is?



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