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02 December, 2005

A Make-Up S&G

President Bush gets a subpoena to appear on Monday for jury duty. I know exactly where he's going to be that day - right down the street from me in Kernersville NC for a meeting with Deere Hitachi execs. Think about it - would you want to have him on the jury if you were the defendant?

The media obsession with body counts just keeps on coming. We had the 2,000th member of the military killed. Oh, the cry, moan, piss & bitch. Now the 1,000th animal has been executed since the restoration of the death penalty. The bean counter's control of the news is really out of hand.

Speaking of which, an Australian was executed by hanging yesterday for trafficking in heroin. The Australian government along with the usual suspects gnashed their teeth and donned their hair shirts to no avail. A travel tip - when you leave your home country you become subject to the laws of the country you are currently in. Deal with it.

Rep Charlie Rangel (Confused - NY) made a very profound statement yesterday about Iraq. "The troops want to come home. They want to come home." Earth to Rangel - every service member anywhere in the world wants to come home. I guess the Dems united front consisting of 15 different positions is having trouble coming to grips with that.

Does anyone know who did the camera work for the terrorists version of Capricorn One? I'm presuming it was one of Hollywood's directors who put that little piece of fantasy together.

The Euroweenies are now demanding to know all about those "secret prisons" that may or may not exist, as well as who's there and where "there" is. Yeah - like we'd tell them so they can feed the info straight to the Islamofascists. Although, knowing the left side of the aisle in our congress, I'm surprised they don't have that data already.

Speaking of people who are trying their damnedest to get our allies to pull out of Iraq, Rep
Murtha is flapping his gums again. Too bad there's no f'kin brain to back it up. Our troops are "worn out" and "living hand to mouth". He's now doing a Kerry and Edwards, saying he made a mistake in voting for the war. Has anyone else noticed that, according to the left, anyone connected to the military are shit except their military boys, in which case they sanctify every word they dribble and ooze?

So - the State Dept. is up in arms over the United Arab Emirates arresting a slew of gays at a mock wedding. Foggy bottom's gays must really have their nuts in a knot over this one. What does State plan to do - attack every nation that has laws they don't like?

Poor Hugo Chavez is being hard done by again. The opposition (at least those still breathing) are boycotting the election this weekend because Chavez has already pretty much declared the result. Of course this is all Bush's fault. Shit - if his dog craps on the carpet Chavez thinks Bush put him up to it.

And I want everyone to know that
Wayne's World is back in action. Wayne's youngest goes into the Air Force this weekend, while that one's older brother is a Corporal in the Marines, currently on Okinawa after doing his first tour in the kitty litter. Go over and give the man some love - he has some great reading there as well!


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