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31 August, 2005

On the Gulf Coast

I'm not sure, but it seems to me that bussing these people over 300 miles to go from the Superdome to the Astrodome isn't really gaining much - especially since the Astrodome has been pretty much out of commission for some time. But there would be lots of other, smaller venues like Reliant Stadium and others that could take people in more manageable numbers.

While they're shipping folks out of the Gulf, Florida would be able to handle a shitload of them - the 5 Naval Air Stations in Pensacola; Eglin Air Force Base - these alone could handle tens of thousands (as long as you don't mind what they might see in the back lots of Eglin).

When are they going to institute a shoot to kill order for the looters? Whole gun shops have been emptied, pharmacies have had their narcotic safes attacked, hell, even the Children's Hospital had to repel boarders. I can understand people getting food, diapers, things like that - but crates of gym shoes? At least one policeman has been shot in the head. What else will it take?

And on the price of gas going up - one of the local gas stations gets it's tanker deliveries on Thursdays. The same gas that went into the underground tanks at $2.50 a gallon is now $2.95 per gallon. And they say they're not gouging? I know I'm old, but I can remember when our gas prices were tied to OPEC. Now if the futures market says gas will go up next year, the price goes up on the street today.

So far there's been no mention of cholera or typhus, but you know that's coming.

And on final note, I hear where some countries are saying that if we hadn't pissed away so much money in places like Iraq and Afghanistan we'd have plenty to help out people with. I have to agree with them - when the UN demanded money for the Tsunami victims last December, we should have told them to blow us. When Bono came looking for money for Africa, we should have told him to blow us.

Of course, I'm open to other opinions. As long as they agree with me, of course!!


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