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21 August, 2005

Who Decides What's Holy?

Since Greensboro is just a frog leap from here (or $40.00 worth of gas), I guess I should write on the world of shit Judge Joseph Turner has brought down upon hisself.

Seems that he's taken the stand that the words "Holy Scripture" mean - and can only mean - the Christian Bible. Needless to say, this has gotten right up the nose of a local rabble rouser who saw this as an opportunity to get some really cheap national exposure. He sent a stack of Korans to the Judge so Moslems could be sworn in before they jumped the witness box; the good judge failed to see any humor in this.

Now that raises a very interesting point, doesn't it? What is "holy scripture" and from who's point of view. I mean, what if I was from the First Church of Pisseduptesticosticals? Would I be able to use my "holy scripture" - even if it were a stack of "HUSTLER" magazines? Yeah, that's a pretty far out example, but I'd be willing to bet that people in this great land of ours can and will make that look tame.

The good folks here in America are also experts in the application of the theory "Good for Me but Not for Thee!" so them there Moslems look to have stirred up the makings of a real shit-storm.

I love it when that happens - 'cause I get to sit and watch the fireworks!


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