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29 December, 2004

More On The Tsunami

The last I'd heard, they were registering the earthquake that caused all this as about a 9 on the Richter Scale - but I've yet to hear about any aftershocks, which could easily be in the 7 to 8 range with a quake this big. What will that do for another tsunami and the relief people in place in the possibly endangered areas?

That cutesie little darling from the UN who called the US stingy because the government has "only" given $35 million so far - I wonder if he's spared a thought for the burden the French are placing on their people by giving $130,000 dollars? And does this mean that we here in America shouldn't be giving to UNICEF or any other UN relief agencies, since this prick obviously discounts that as well as all the donations and work being done by American NGO's?

Speaking of "cutesie", already people are talking about "bringing closure" to those affected by this. Closure! That precious little concept seems to have appeared sometime prior to Columbine - ask those involved in that if they will ever find closure. It don't f'kin exist, dammit!

We now have the leader of the richest government in the world (yes, the Vatican is an independent nation) calling for everyone to give 'til it hurts. I wonder how much cash they will be giving? Or will their help consist of sending priests to help all those Muslims and Buddhists find "closure". Just askin'.

With Indonesia gettin' hammered by this, I've yet to hear anything about Bali. I understand that tourism there dropped after the cowards bombed there, but Kuta beach and Denpassar are still popular, especially with Aussies.

While on the subject of Indonesia, I understand that, so far, there's been no animal carcasses found. That would be amazing since Sumatra was one of the worst hit by this and that's one of only two islands where Orang Utans are found. Sumatra also has rhinos and Elephants - lets hope they have survived this. The Rhinos are down to less than 1,000 there. Can we get thru to these asswipes that Viagra works, rhino horn doesn't??

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Indonesia is also home to the Komodo Dragons. I wonder how they have fared thru all this?

Just random brain waves flittin' around. There may be more later if anything else worth comment arises.


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