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17 June, 2008

S&G - Election? What Election?

Yeah, I know - I've been MIA again, but I gots an excuse. My daughter, Attitude With Legs, is going thru back pain worse than mine and I've spent the last week or so driving her from one doctor to another, one clinic after another. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to get her walker in and out of the car all the time! She's set for surgery early July to remove two bad discs and fuse her. She's naturally scared shitless about the surgery, but it should make her a whole bunch better then she is. There are millions of successful operations of this type, and she has her support system on hand - I live less than a mile from her and Boy Wonder isn't much farther.

My favorite tyrant, who turned his nation from the breadbasket of Africa into one of the poorest, with inflation over one million percent, is supposed to be in a runoff election later this month.

So far, the Zimbabwe army and Robert Mugabe's supporters have intimidated, arrested, beaten, tortured, mulitated and murdered opposition supporters. Now he's finally come out and said what everyone knew from the beginning, and this is a direct quote from him released by his own people:

"We shed a lot of blood for this country. We are not going to give up our country for a mere X on a ballot. How can a ballpoint pen fight with a gun?"

Ya gotta love it!

Meanwhile, the Supremes have decided that the prisoners at Gitmo are covered by our Constitution. Say What? Will this cover all the prisoners being held in Iraq and Afghanistan as well? These assholes aren't criminals to be charged - they are prisoners of war who have committed war crimes and unless there's a prisoner exchange (not f'kin likely!), they stay put until the war is over and can be repatriated unless a military tribunal decides they get the chop.

Angelina Jolie has her panties in a wad. She's chucking a hissy at Disney - because they haven't had a black princess in any of the animated films. What an ass. Doesn't she have anything better to do?

And there's been ads running for some outfit called "Nothing But Nets", that claim sending mosquito nets to Africa and Asia will stop malarial. Right. Don't drain stagnant water or spray to kill the bugs - heaven forbid! Spending your sleeping hours under a net will protect you all day long!

Finally, there's one outfit I just have to comment on. There's a company called Cash Call who will lend you money without any background checks or collateral. But if you're quick enough to catch the fine print at the end of the ad, the average loan of $2,600 is paid back over 42 months at 99.25% interest! I haven't seen the Mafia loan sharks or a man with a gun do that well!


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