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29 May, 2008

Back Again

I've spent the last several days doing the old "do something stupid, spend a day recovering" circle - mowing lawns, etc. I'm back enough to post, but I know some of this will be slightly out of date. Screw it if you can't take a joke.

We've had another sign of the Apocalypse - last Saturday Tommy Chong, of Cheech and Chong fame, turned 70. There's no excuse for that! Also, James Arness - Marshall Dillon of Gunsmoke, turned 85 - I didn't even know he was alive! Trivia time - his brother is Peter Graves of the TV show Mission Imposible.

Now for the fun and games:

The Armed Forces Foundation had been flying wounded troops from Walter Reed and Bethesda, two at a time, to Vegas. They go in a private jet and, once there, the Venetian Resort has been giving them the full "high roller" treatment - top level rooms, full service, etc. The Armed Forces Foundation is trying to ensure that all - or as many as possible - of our wounded men and women are able to take advantage of this. Fantastic!

Meanwhile, Obama and Billary are still talking about bringing our troops home. Right - and put them where? The reserves aren't a problem, but the enlisted troops will have to go to a duty station somewhere, and I don't know if there's room for all. I'm waiting for Obama to call for all troops to come home, including Germany, Korea, etc. That'll put some highly trained and motivated troops on the street looking for work. Oh, wait - that was Jack Murtha, wasn't it?

Finally, I figured something out (I'm a bit slow sometimes):

- If you don't vote for Hillary, you're sexist,
- If you don't vote for Obama, you're racist, and
- If you don't voth for McCain, you're agest.

And if you vote for a Democrat, you're an idiot.


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