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06 June, 2008

Some Fun, A Great Loss

First the loss - Bo Diddley passed away this week. Every rocker has, at one time or another, stole riffs from him and they all owe a large debt of gratitude to him. I'll miss him and that box guitar.

Now for the Giggles:

Two idiots decided to break into a house in Green Bay last week. Only problem was it belonged to a Packer's running back. When one of the burglars entered his bedroom, the running back cold-cocked him with a bed post, and the other guy was arrested just outside. The guy who entered the bedroom is expected to live, but it's touch and go.

With all that's going on about the Military Tribunals, can someone please tell me what the status of Iraq is? Is it a War? A Police Action? Something else? If it's a war, then all the jokers in Gitmo are POW's and should be held until the war is over. Although - it wouldn't break my heart to see Khalid Sheik Mohammad swing from a short rope.

So far, United, Continental and other airlines have grounded up to around 95 jets each, cutting flights to places like Las Vegas and Orlando. They're also firing a shitload of staff, and doubled or tripled the price of round-trip tickets. Right - that'll make me want to get on a plane, now that there will be fewer flights, all overbooked, and less staff on the planes! At least one airline is considering charging fares based on how much you weigh! I can foresee some serious slap-downs on that one!

And one of favorite subjects - side effects of drugs on TV ads:

- An asthma drug that might cause asthma-related deaths,
- Sleeping pills that could lead to driving while asleep, and
- An Osteoporosis drug that might cause blood clots and death by stroke!

Finally, if you haven't seen this, a drunk driver fell asleep at the wheel and plowed into the back of a cycle race in Mexico, killing at least one and injuring 10 others. The police showed up just in time to prevent the other cyclists from lynching the guy. An AP photog was in just the right place at the right time:

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